Wednesday, May 12, 2010

PHP and Zend Certification

PHP and Zend Certification

I have got the test certification for PHP and Zend from uCertify
This uCertify Prepkit helps the user to learn and practice
before taking the actual IT certification exam in different technologies.

It is very easy to install.
With using it, developer can test his/her skills and also share it with friends.

It is basically provide two parts for developer.
A) Practice Test: In This section, developer attend different
 types of questions. and valuate his/her knowledge.

B) Study Helper: If developer having some doubt about some technical
 knowledge, then this section will teach them about some technical issues
for example: PHP Basics, Security, String & Patterns and web features etc.

I think it is very good software for testing skills. There are many other testing skills in other technology from
uCertify,  Every developer should try it.
You can down load it from from uCertify

Amit Gaur

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